“All-American” is already drawing the attention of thought leaders around the country.  Read the endorsements below!

“Finally, a chance for American Muslims to seize the mic from the pundits and politicians who claim to know what Islam is and what Muslims wants, and to speak for themselves about their hopes and aspirations, their trials and tribulations, and, above all else, their unique identity as Americans. At a time when anti-Muslim sentiment is growing in this country, there could be no more vital book than this.”

-Reza Aslan, Author of “No God But God” and “Beyond Fundamentalism”

“These are essential stories, each one a world, taken together a cosmos. America is a nation rejuvenated by immigrants. Islam is a tradition at its best when it travels. These pieces show that the hyphen between American and Muslim is a bridge not a barrier, that this young nation and that ancient tradition can be mutually enriching rather than mutually exclusive.”

-Eboo Patel, Founder and President, Interfaith Youth Core, Author of “Sacred Ground: Pluralism, Prejudice and the Promise of America”

“Important, necessary, eloquent and humane, “All-American” is an eye-opening, heartfelt journey through the stupendous diversity of the American Muslim experience. Superb.”

-Junot Diaz, Pulitzer Prize winning author of “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao”

“Finally, stories from the frontlines of the young American male Muslim experience. These men of faith will surprise you, challenge you, enlighten you.”

-Juan Cole, Author of “Engaging the Muslim World”

“Filled with insight, humor and candid self-awareness, the stories in All American are at once deeply personal and eminently relatable. Each one is a reminder of the unique dilemma of American identity: we are a nation of individualists striving to form a more perfect union. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn more about their Muslim neighbors and about the wonderful diversity of our nation.”

-G. Willow Wilson, Author of “Butterfly Mosque” and “Alif”

“The incredible variety of voices here will combat the pervasive and bigoted idea that all Muslim men share monolithic values and worldviews. This is an essential collection at a crucial time.”

-Dave Eggers, Writer

“Over a decade after 9/11, the stereotypes, prejudices, and sometimes plain ignorance around Islam still, alas, remain. That is why the editors of and contributors to this collection are to be applauded. They not only present an alternative, more realistic, and accurate picture of Muslims in America, but they remind the reader of what America at its best stands for–a pluralistic, tolerant, just and open society.”

– Professor Akbar Ahmed, Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies, School of International Service, American University, Washington D.C.

“I’m not Muslim. (For the record, I am not much of anything, religiously speaking — a lapsed Unitarian married to a lapsed Catholic who figures he may someday become a quasi-Buddhist.) But I am definitely, proudly American, and I found myself intrigued, surprised and moved by many of these fellow Americans’ stories and voices  — as well as unsettled, of course, that this book needs to exist at all.”

-Kurt Anderson, Novelist and Host of Public Radio’s “Studio 360”

“This book shows, without a shadow of a doubt, that there are countless ways of being identified as Muslim. From the secular to the pious, from the gay to the straight, and from the immigrant to the homegrown, these tales are undeniably Muslim journeys that will help the reader navigate their own personal journey towards understanding what Islam is, what Islam was, and what Islam can become.”

-Dr. Naif A. Al-Mutawa, creator of The 99 comic series featuring superheroes born of Islamic archetypes

“As W.H. Auden wrote, “We must love one another or die.” And in order to love one another, we must know one another. Nothing could be more important to knit together American community life than sharing the stories of Muslim Americans. And no one is better suited to pull the best stories together than Wajahat Ali, a masterful storyteller himself. ”

-Macky Alston, Director of Media at Auburn Theological Seminary and award-winning documentary filmmaker

“This book bears witness, in vivid detail, to one of the great integration stories of our age: Over the last 20 years, some 2 million Muslims from dozens of countries have seamlessly and passionately become Americans. To those who would see these flourishing newcomers as a threatening force with questionable loyalties, the moving and often witty testimonies of these 45 men offer a powerful remedy. You cannot come away from it without being impressed by the resilience and creativity of the Muslim-American experience.”

-Doug Sanders, Author of “The Myth of the Muslim Tide” and “Arrival City”

“This collection offers Americans of every background a solid opportunity to hear the many diverse voices of Muslims in our midst. Welcome to a breath of fresh air!”

-Michael Wolfe, Author of “Taking Back Islam”

“Islam is the fastest growing religion in American and also the most misunderstood; this book will help correct that imbalance. In “All-American”, Muslims speak out in a riveting series of articles that describe how Muslims live in America .The authors have done young Americans a huge service by explaining to them how Muslim Americans are just normal citizens with all the quirks and issues that non-Muslim Americans have. This book deserves the widest possible readership especially among the young. It is a bridge builder among Americans and between Americans and the rest of the world.”

-Ahmed Rashid, Journalist, Author of “Taliban”